Fashion for Breakfast takes a little break!

2022 brings change and a little pause for reflection: we’ll be back soon with fresh ideas and new content

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2022 is here and, with the aftermath that Covid-19 brought in everyone’s lives, we all feel a certain tiredness of the past and plenty of concerns for a hazy future.

Questions are overwhelming, everything seems to change constantly and it’s easy to feel trapped in a uneasy feeling of doubt.

But, in the midst of a world that feels so puzzling sometimes, we can see sprouts of a silent but steady desire to start over.

Start to dream again, experiment and create.

So, we too, as Fashion for Breakfast, spent the last two years debating on the next steps to take, whilst keeping a constantly open eye on the everchanging fashion world.

It has been two very hard years for the fashion industry (and same goes for many others professional fields); we saw the fundamental points of this industry making room for change and we follow the developing of fashion weeks into digital events far beyond the rigid structures of the fashion calendars.

Sailing through all these constant changes, we’ve chosen to keep doing what we do best: focus on our blog to keep it updated and fill our sections with professional content on trend forecasting, to offer our users a flawless service even in these troubled times.

But now, with a fresh mind and a whole new year ahead of us, after a careful analysis we decided to take a step back and observe our project with a magnifying glass.

Existential questions arised: “Who are we?”, “Where do we want to go?” or “In what do we really believe?”.

In the process of finding an answer to all these questions, we found out that sometimes it’s best to take a step back in order to move forward.

Just for a little bit, to regain energy, gather ideas and come back in style with a revised and corrected version of our beloved Fashion for Breakfast.

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There are tons of ideas running through our minds. First of all, opening up to collabs with different figures of the fashion industry: designers, fashion editors, students or trend setter who wish to offer our website their knowledge and passion to create something even more content-rich and unique.

Different voices, united under the same strive for competence and reliability, could be able to turn Fashion for Breakfast into a limitless, inclusive and ever-growing team, far beyond our office’s walls.

The creation of an even more content-rich portal is the final goal that now pushes us towards a small break, in the firm belief that when we’ll get back we are going to do so for good: with fresh ideas and the will to push through challenges.

In addition to womenswear, which has always been our main focus, we will come back online with many more brand new sections: from homewear to couture, from menswear to kids fashion.

We can assure you something though: we are not planning to disappear.

On the contrary, our team will keep eyes and ears wide open to catch suggestions, ideas and creative insights.

If you’re working in the fashion fiels and you’re willing to put yourself out there with our project, feel free to contact us at

Tell us about yourself, what you love to do, what you like the most about Fashion for Breakfast. We are very excited to meet you!

One last thing! During this break, we’ve chosen to give everyone the possibility to enjoy our platform to its full potential: all of the website’s sections will be free and accessible to all users, with or without membership.

Yes, you heard that right! You’ll be able to explore our fashion sheets and browse through lots and lots of professional content on fashion shows, collections, capsule, materials, trends and so much more.

But let’s not become strangers, ok? This is just a farewell, not a good bye.
Let’s call it a “pause for reflection” –one of the good kind, of course!

See you soon.



– the team of Fashion for Breakfast