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Your guide in the fashion system

What will be in fashion and how will you dress next season? Between 2 years?

The question is arduous, but the answer - thanks to us - is very simple.

Every day we provide useful material to outline, in advance, future trends and languages ​​in the fields of fashion, events and cultural consumption. We build ideas, moods and suggestions that, side by side, know how to show the plot of shared inspirations against the light. Capable of covering the role of trends and thus conquering shop windows. And, possibly, the wardrobes of fashion addicts.

A useful work tool and a traveling companion during the construction of your collection.

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We observe the trends that are forming or evolving in fashion, in the media, and more generally in everyday practices.

We take the signals, the behaviors and the different lifestyles that take shape from the streets, from the premises and from the events, with the aim of perceiving everything that could please both the common people and the professionals.

Our Mission

Be at your side every day, as a support to your business or to your training path through a clear and simple, but technical and effective tool.

Fashion shows analysis

Insights into all the innovations proposed by the designers who are today protagonists of the international scene.

We provide a parade analysis of New York, London, Paris e Milan in real time with more than 1500 images to download in high resolution and commented by a trained, competent staff with thirty years experience in the fashion industry.

Completeness of contents and maximum speed, to guarantee all the professionals of this sector the usefulness and value of a real work tool.

Trends analysis

Design your collection safely with Fashion For Breakfast.

You'll find long-term trends and fashion previews every day. A useful work tool and a traveling companion during the construction of your collection.

You will have the possibility to simultaneously consult at least 4 preview seasons and, through tools to download, save and print in high resolution the tables of Fashion For Breakfast.

Flash fashion analysis

Minute-trends on current trends, the windows of the main fashion capitals and street style.
  • Minute trends: we communicate the trends that acquire importance during the season or that will be strong in the following season;
  • Showcases: a wide gallery of shop windows from all over the world: Tokyo, Paris, Milan, London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and New York, to have an open window on the world of fashion;
  • Street style: The looks, the accessories and the clothes from the streets of the world directly from the fashion shows divided by city: New York, London, Milan and Paris.

Fairs analysis

Report from the main trade fairs: Pitti, Milano Unica, Premier Vision, Premium, Show & Order, Panorama and Gater Expo.
  • Pitti Filati: the international reference event for the knitting yarn sector. Where new fashion and lifestyle trends start;
  • Milano Unica: is the leading international trade fair organized in Italy and entirely dedicated to the presentation of fabric collections and clothing accessories;
  • Premier Vision: in Paris 740 weavers from 30 countries present collections in synergy with the needs of the fashion market and those of the clothing industry calendar;
  • Berlin Trade: detailed report of the main Berlin trade fairs, including Show & Order and Panorama;
  • Gater Expo: the professional presentation showroom tissues and accessories.

Personal advice

A service is available personalized advice which allows the customer to commission our staff with specific requests to meet their needs.

Do you have a specific project that requires the supervision of a professional in the sector? Do you need in-depth information and specific modifications to surprise your target customers?

Fashion For Breakfast is the solution. Tell us your needs and our qualified team will be able to offer specific advice for your work and to better satisfy your requests.

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Are you a professional, a contractor or do you work with designers or style offices?

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A real virtual showcase that will allow you to get in touch with new customers on a highly professional and specialized portal.

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Fashion for Breakfast today represents the only alternative Made in Italy to the giants of trend forecasting international. In fact, since 2015 we deal with trend research, to provide our users with a constantly updated platform that can help them navigate among the new trends and that represents a resource for anyone who wants to stay updated on the fashion world, from street-stytle at fashion shows, passing through specialized fairs and the latest ones News in the field.

Fashion is constantly evolving and keeping up with the times can become complex. Fashion for Breakfast offers its users, whether they are students, professionals of the fashion world or simple enthusiasts, the possibility of taking advantage of a single constantly updated resource with which to learn about new trends. Our portal collects in a single place all the contents and tools that you can use to to research trends in the simplest way possible, without wasting time and without the risk of encountering confused or unreliable material. Our sections are simple and quick to consult, and only present material selected and cared for by professionals with experience in the fashion sector.

We observe trends as they form and evolve in the world of fashion and in the daily sphere of life. We take the signals that come to us from the present, paying maximum attention to lifestyles and to trends that take shape in the streets, during social events and on the catwalks. Through this scrupulous observation, we try to accurately frame the tastes of the public (sectoral and non-sectoral), to report only updated, selected and reliable information on our portal.

By subscribing I would have access to all of our portal, which provides highly professional content. In the section trends you can explore trends in a simple and clear way, using our filter that allows you to select the season of your interest, or you can choose to investigate the ready-to-wear, through sub-categories that will help you make an increasingly targeted search. Also in this section you will find a rich gallery of sketch downloadable in pdf at your disposal, ready to be immediately modified to provide you with a starting point from which to create your clothes. Curious to find out what happens in the most important fairs in the industry? In this section you can consult the report Detailed from the main international fashion fairs.

Only through registration you will have full access to each section of the portal, but Fashion for Breakfast has also thought about free content that you can freely consult without a subscription. In the vast section Gallery You could find dozens of photos from fashion shows and the world street-style, which you can easily explore by filtering the results by color and thus ensuring a specialized and rapid search. Also our blog is free access! Here, you can take a break and enjoy our many articles on the universe fashion and what revolves around you: from lifestyle, to art, up to the world social and market insights.

Subscribing is simple: click on Sign up and you will have the opportunity to create your account in just a few steps! Fill in the here with your personal data and you choose whether to make a monthly or annual payment, depending on your preference.

Fashion for Breakfast assures you cheaper price among all competitors of the sector of trend forecasting, providing you with a constantly evolving and updated tool that allows you to access when you want and how much you want with just one click to an inexhaustible resource of valuable content for your work or for your studies.

Cancellation of the registration is a very simple process. Just go to the section "Profile", where you can find all your payment history and your personal account details. Here, simply click on "Cancel subscription" and the automatic renewal of the registration will be immediately interrupted.

Fashion for Breakfast is made of people: we are a group formed by professionals who have extensive experience in the fashion industry. For this we have made available to users a Advisory Service that can allow interested parties to contact us directly and in a simple way, explaining their needs and their projects. If you are a company or work in the world of fashion, visit the section Consulting: fill in the here without commitment, tell us about your project and your needs and we'll get back to you as soon as possible by offering you a consulting service designed specifically for you.

For any questions regarding the portal or registration, contact us at info@fashionforbreakfast.it or directly to customer service commerciale@fashionforbreakfast.it. Our group he will be happy to help you with any kind of need or doubt.
Do you prefer a more immediate response? Contact us without obligation via our phone number + 39 059 642943.