Leisurewear is the new black

Pajamas are not what they seem: the rise of leisurewear in a pandemic

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If there is one thing we have learned from the hard and long months of national lockdown, it is the value of convenience.

The convenience of ordering a gourmet dinner and being able to receive it hot directly at your doorstep. The comfort of your own sofa, the one that, in our days spent almost entirely outside the home running around with many commitments, we systematically ignored. Or the convenience of smart working, a world that even the most attached to their desk in the office are now getting to know, perhaps discovering with surprise the positive sides of working in their own habitat.

But not only.
Comfort is also (and perhaps above all) feeling good about what we wear, snuggled up in something comfortable and wrapped in a soft fabric.

And if comfort was previously relegated to free days or to the evening, the moment in which you return home and you can finally get rid of uncomfortable clothes "For office" to slip into something comfortable, what happens if the patterns of our days are upset?

La pandemic has messed up the maps of places, times, customs. It has wreaked havoc in our daily organization, effectively unhinging what were previously self-imposed rules, rules that each of us makes our own without even realizing it.

And so a question arises: if the hours I used to spend in the office with colleagues now I spend where no one sees me, sitting at the computer within the walls of my home, is there really a need for suitable clothing?

In fact, it has always been customary to associate a dress with a specific situation.
Lo tuxedo, for example, elegant men's clothing that we all know, owes its name to the fact that men wore this type of jacket just when they gathered to smoke in the appropriate "Smoking room" (for example on the occasion of parties and social events).

In the higher social classes there has always been the custom of changing clothes according to the different moments of the day, while even in the lower social classes everyone kept in the closet "The party dress": the most precious garment in the wardrobe, carefully preserved to be used on Sundays in church or on the most important occasions.

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(Photo: Kinvitadas)

Despite its ancient roots, the habit of changing clothes according to different occasions has managed to overcome the second millennium. In fact, until the last decade, there has always been a distinction between clothing for going to work, for free time, for the evening and for formal occasions.

There was also a substantial difference between winter clothing and summer clothing, a custom now completely unhinged from the so-called fashion shows. "Seasonless" which eliminated the concept of season change from mindset (and from the wardrobe) of the Millennials.

Il dress code today seems to be the prerogative of a few sectors (such as the financial one, the realm of the classic serious and sober suit), while the general decline in the differentiation of clothing based on occasion has led to a progressive standardization and simplification of clothes - which is now homologate between one shop and another, ending up looking more and more alike.

The rise of the streetwear, which jumped from the streets to the catwalks, further contributed to simplifying the style of everyday life and changed the perception of what was previously relegated only to a specific world or a specific occasion.

from streetwear al leisurewear (comfortable clothing, conventionally considered "from home") the step is short and the pandemic seems to have accelerated its rise to the maximum.

Let's face it: except for the work video calls on Zoom, the quarantine prompted almost everyone to dress without thinking too much about fashion or combinations. And now, in full second wave, the question is whether this trend will continue even after the pandemic, with a possible standardization of lines and models even more emphasized.

At the beginning of the lockdown there was a visible upheaval in marketing, which he eliminated advertisements from print magazines and posters, to make way for social media and newsletters in which everything aimed at the only type of product that could be purchased during the prison period: home clothing.

The hashtags #I stay at home and online magazines full of tips on how to dress to face it smart working have invaded our home days, while brands (from luxury to fast fashion) have changed their communication in this sense.

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A pajama that becomes chic thanks to feathers, from the F / W 2020 Sleeper collection (Photo: Sleeper)

In an interview a wwd, a representative of Net-a-porter stated that the site experienced a 40% increase in overall sales of sweatpants in the first week of the coronavirus lockdown.

The platform too Farfetch e-commerce confirmed an increase in interest: the consumer's desire for leisurewear (and ofactivewear, also very strong thanks to the trends training from home) has never recorded such high levels and the tracksuit is experiencing a real renaissance, with interpretations of all kinds by young and old brand

In spring, the quarantine took us by surprise. An experience for which no one was prepared, which no one had lived, in which it smart working it was something new that as such could intrigue and reveal its positive sides.

But what happens now, in this second wave that is more frightening than the first and that finds us more tired and tried? Will we still want the same suit?

I brand evolve and are preparing to offer their consumers garments that are no longer just comfortable, but also refined and trendy, to emphasize that quarantine should not imply a progressive letting go or a turn towards old or shabby garments.

In fact, in recent months each brand (including the most sophisticated and unsuspected) has added the category to its offer lounge wear, offering products that are no longer limited to simple pajamas: today's models have minimalist, sophisticated designs, clean lines, neutral colors and above all they focus on high quality materials, with an eye towards sustainability.

A worthy case is that of brand Pangaia. Literally exploded on social media, the brand has appeared several times on Chiara Ferragni, who certainly did not abandon it after the quarantine. Rather. Gone are the days of confinement, those same sweatshirts and pants have been paired with designer bags and jewels, to transform and adapt them to a life that goes far beyond the home.

Also very interesting brand Ukrainian Sleeper, which officially clears the pajamas from the perimeter of the bedroom only. The pajamas of the brand they are in fact designed to be worn not only out of bed, but also outside the home: they are garments chic, characterized by elegant fabrics and enriched by totally new details in the world of lounge wear.
An example over the top? The pajamas with detachable feathers (also worn by Lena Dunham and Millie Bobby Brown): practical and versatile, able to accompany us both in our days at home and at an aperitif.

But moving home, there is certainly no lack of good examples.
One is to Caramì, brand Florentine 100% Made in Italy founded by Carlotta and Camilla Castrucci, with the intention of giving a new and refined cut to lingerie e sportswear.

The starting question is simple: why hide such beautiful garments? With Caramì theunderwear becomes outerwear.

La lingerie is designed to be shown and combined according to different occasions, the kimono can be transformed into a refined overcoat, the whole costume (Reversible) becomes a bodysuit and the silk pajamas are in themselves a outfit complete.

caramì - Leisurewear is the new black
The Italian brand Caramì transforms loungewear and sportswear with refinement in materials and finishes (Photo: Caramì)

But there is also room for it sportswear. In fact, Caramì proposes shorts perfect for workouts or leggings, a true must-have when it comes to comfort, whether it's lounging on the sofa or improvising an online yoga session.

There is only one key word: versatility.
If the next few months seem uncertain and the future scares us, the thing that reassures us is to be able to withdraw into the calm of our home: the place to pamper ourselves and feel comfortable in comfortable garments that are at the same time sought after, garments that reflect the high standards of Made in Italy and in which to feel beautiful at any time of the day.

Looking to the future, a hypothetical post-pandemic that now seems so far away as to be unimaginable, how will we get back to reality?

Will we be irremediably changed?
Perhaps, now dedicated to the cult of #stayhome, it will no longer be so automatic to buy extravagant, eccentric garments, high heels, dresses for special occasions.
Perhaps, to mark a return to normality will be a more reflective language, simpler desires that accompany the rediscovery of the luxury of small things.