Fashion for Breakfast takes a break!

2022 brings with it a small break, to return with a renewed portal and a head full of ideas

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2022 has arrived and, after two years in which the pandemic has upset the lives of each of us, it has brought with it so much fatigue that it knows about the recent past and worries about a future that is now hazy.

The questions are many, everything seems to change quickly and it is easy to get carried away by an intrusive feeling of insecurity.

But, in the midst of all this, in the midst of a world that at times we seem unable to understand, the sprouts of a silent desire to start over are born.

Start dreaming again, experimenting, creating to reinvent yourself.

We at Fashion for Breakfast have also spent the last two years wondering what to do, remaining in observation of the fashion world to understand its moves. These have been difficult years for this sector (as for many others), years in which even the most solid conventions have made room for novelties and the events that have always represented the cornerstones of international fashion calendars have been replaced by digital editions, new creative forms and innovative projects never imagined before.

Navigating in the agitated sea of ​​these constant changes, we wanted to continue to do what is best to us: to take care of our blog to keep it updated on every news in the sector, to fill our sections with professional and precise contents, to offer our users a service without stain and fearless despite the harsh historical moment.

But now, after careful analysis, with the arrival of the new year and a fresher mind, we have decided to stop and put our very own project under the magnifying glass.
The questions are the classic ones: "Who are we?", "Where do we want to go?" or even "What do we really believe in?".

In an attempt to answer these existential questions, we have realized that perhaps sometimes in order to take some steps forward it is necessary to take some backwards.
Just for a while, to recover energy, collect ideas and come back with a revised and corrected version of our beloved Fashion for Breakfast.

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The ideas that whirl in our heads are already many. First and foremost certainly that of opening up to collaborators with different roles: designers, fashion editors, fashion students or trend setters who want to contribute to making this portal something even richer and unique of its kind.

Several different voices, always united under the sign of reliability and professionalism, will be able to transform Fashion for Breakfast into a team without geographical limits, which breaks through the barriers of a simple office and becomes something bigger and more inclusive.

The creation of a portal even richer in fashion content is the aim that drives us to take a few months off, in the firm belief that when we return we will do it with clear ideas and a great desire to face even the most difficult challenges. In addition to women's fashion, which has always been our main focus, we will return with even more sections to be discovered: from homewear to couture, from menswear to kids' fashion.

We promise you one thing though: we will certainly not disappear in these months.
Indeed, the team will remain with their eyes and ears wide open to grasp suggestions, ideas, advice and ideas for creativity.

If you work or study in the field of fashion and you want to get involved with us, contact us at any time at our email

Write us who you are, what impresses you about our project and why you would like to collaborate with Fashion for Breakfast. We can't wait to meet you!

One last thing! For these months off, we have decided to give everyone the opportunity to make the most of the potential of our portal: all the sections of Fashion for Breakfast will be free and usable even without a subscription.
You understood well! You will be able to deepen our technical data sheets and browse through a myriad of contents (carefully created by our team of professionals) on fashion shows, collections, capsule collections, materials, trends and much more.

Let's keep in touch! This is just goodbye, not goodbye.
Let's call it a little pause for reflection - one that ends well though!

See you soon.



- the Fashion for Breakfast team