March 31 2021

Fashion shows A / I 21 / 22: Accessories

  • Oversized sunglasses: glasses become the protagonists of outfit thanks to volumes over that shield the face with large lenses enriched by thick and characterful frames.
  • Shield sunglasses: this eyewear model takes inspiration from the world of sportswear. The snug, mask-like shape gives an eccentric look to the cool, also thanks to important and heavy frames.
  • Red lenses: red lenses add drama to each cool. Whether complemented by thin or heavy and thick frames, they are always capable of making a moods. futuristic and scenographic.
  • Oversized earring: the earrings become real sculptures that embellish the ear and become a founding part of cool, through particular shapes and numerous light points.
  • Long tassel earring: these extra long earrings run down the face and neck framing them with cascades of stones with an eccentric effect.
  • Big chain collier: the classic link chain becomes showy and heavy thanks to a new thickness. Its appearance chunky wraps around the neck and attracts attention, both in gold and in less precious materials.
  • Precious embellishment: small strings of pearls, chains or points of light are the modern and unexpected accessory that decorates the cool. They draw geometries or luminous cascades on the garments for a delicate effect that at the same time knows how to get noticed.
  • Bustier belt: the hyper feminine bustier belt is enriched with studs or straps and increases its size, to become an element that breaks up the look and enhances the waist.
  • Slim belt: minimal and very thin belts become the delicate decorative element that wraps the waist and breaks up suits, dresses and jackets in a refined way.
  • Mini leather accessories: leather adds preciousness to small decorative elements that add character to looks, such as mini purses to be worn around the waist, on the wrist or across the body.
  • Leather long gloves: the glove "Da diva" acquires a more modern and aggressive look thanks to the leather, made more graceful and soft by natural and soft colors that alternate with black.
  • Fur bucket hat: the world-inspired fisherman's hat streetwear becomes the perfect accessory to face the winter thanks to the fur, which adds comfort and lends itself to multiple fun patterns.
  • Russian hat: from the cold of Russia comes the ushanka-style hat, with its voluminous look and flaps that cover the ears for maximum warmth.
  • Knit balaclava: the balaclava, a trendy garment that lends itself to cool more details, it is declined in the world of women's fashion with a soft sweater enriched with textures or logos.
  • Printed headscarf: the foulard gives a taste Retro to the looks. Enriched with colorful geometric, floral or logo prints, it becomes the perfect accessory for a diva effect Hollywood of other times.
  • Extra long scarf: soft and enveloping scarves become a fundamental part of the outfits. Long to the feet, they complete the cool giving a refined and relaxed look.
  • Soft socks: socks become a real cuddle thanks to very warm wool or thick and comfortable fabrics with a fur-like appearance.
  • Graphic tights: the tights are renewed with prints from the most disparate patterns that make them the center of the outfit. tie dye, abstract designs, intricate graphics come to life with every step thanks to bright colors.