March 22 2021

Fashion shows A / I 21 / 22: Fabrics

  • Gray Tweed: tweed, loved for its typical aura British, becomes even more elegant if declined in the evergreen combination of black and white. A salt and pepper effect, with an almost artisanal flavor, highlighted by the irregular wool fibers, to create a heavy weight fabric for outerwear;
  • Padded: the "quilted" effect is back as a trend for Autumn / Winter 21/22: the lightness of the padding blends perfectly with the shine of nylon or technical fabrics, for a perfect synthesis between street inspirations and elegance;
  • Leathers: Leather fabrics know how to elevate each garment by evoking concepts of craftsmanship. The shiny reflections of the leather play with lights and shadows on garments that stand out for their transgressive aftertaste;
  • Velvets: that evoked by velvet is a classic femininity that recalls a noble mood: its enveloping warmth is accompanied by an extreme softness ready to release deep reflections both in its striped, ribbed, smooth or wrinkled version;
  • Satin: few fabrics manage to release the sensuality that satin evokes, a fabric that draws fluid and ethereal silhouettes. Sliding along the body and releasing metallic reflections at every step thanks to drapes and folds, for Autumn / Winter 21/22 it is presented in its most shiny version;
  • Glossy Patent: fabrics such as vinyl and pvc light up with cold reflections of light, for a wet effect and glossy which illuminates dark garments with a touch of mysterious and seductive aggression;
  • sequins: the night lights up with cascades of sequins, which release infinite reflections on the most eccentric garments. The metallic shades of sequins that become like fringes or deep points of light that accentuate the silhouette of eccentric outerwear.
  • Winter Macrame: sensual element par excellence, lace never goes out of style. It brings a frivolous touch to tight-fitting dresses accentuated by delicate or sparkling colors, while drawing intricate and romantic textures on larger garments;
  • Soft sheer: classic and delicate romanticism, modern electric shades or seductive overlays: semi-transparent fabrics such as tulle, plumetis and organza dress like very light veils to pave the way for a feminine and ethereal see-through.