October 7, 2020

Parades P / E 21: Colors

  • Brilliant white: the Pantone 11-4001 Brilliant White is a sparkling white that illuminates the catwalk with its blinding light, giving a sense of purity and lightness to each garment
  • Gingerbread: neutral and sandy colors such as Pantone 16-1328 cannot be missing Sandstone and 13-1106 Sand dollar, with a soft appearance that gives greater comfort to the garments
  • Sun rays: the Pantone 12-0720 Mellow Yellow and 12-0738 Yellow Cream are the touches that illuminate the garments, very delicate pale yellow tones, creamy and fresh that describe a new femininity
  • Mandarin orange: on palette of the S / S 21 explodes the energy of Pantone 15-1164 bright marigold, a lively and vitaminic orange that illuminates the garments and permeates them with positive energy
  • red lipstick: the red of Pantone 18-1763 High Risk Red it is seductive, intense and deep, perfect for important garments and for a classic and impactful femininity
  • Tropical flowers: on the catwalk we find different shades of pink; the Pantone 17-1937 Hot Pink, intense and brilliant, and 14-1323 salmon, a shade more delicate and suitable for more classically romantic garments
  • pink flamingo: remaining in the pink range, we find the Pantone 14-2311 Prism Pink, a shade of pink baby sweet and very bright, which lends itself to structured and elegant garments but also to complete the cool more comfortable
  • Light Blue Serenity:  the Pantone 15-3920 placid blue arrives on the catwalk as a note of lightness, a bright blue sky capable of instilling a feeling of peace
  • Cloudy sky: Pantone 14-4809 Eggshell Blue enriches the palette with a shade that recalls the purity of water and illuminates shiny fabrics with metallic shades
  • Flash greens: the bright and vital green of Pantone 16-6340 Classic Green adds a character note to the palette S / S 21 thanks to its vitaminic and modern look
  • Summer nights: among the dark colors we find a classic such as Pantone 19-4122 Moonlit Ocean, a deep and full-bodied blue that colors the most elegant garments with mysterious reflections
  • ultra-black: can not miss the Pantone 19-0303 Jet Black, a timeless black that succeeds in rendering chic and rigorous every garment